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I founded Estelle Lux Collection in 2019, because of my love for wearing bold lipstick colors. I would constantly get compliments about what brand and/or color I was wearing, and because I was so enamored by their admiration, I would immediately start promoting the other brand as if it were my own. That’s when I started imagining what my own beauty brand would look like. After extensive research, designing, and developing my ideas, Estelle Lux Collection was born.

My vision for Estelle Lux Collection is simple and genuine: To be a personable brand that sells an experience! While I love being a black business owner who is innovative about creating exciting colors and products, my love and passion come from knowing someone’s confidence is boosted when they wear my lipstick. Knowing that something I created from scratch is another woman’s go-to brand that will enhance their beauty, complement their style, and empower them to be bold is what it’s all about!


The mission of Estelle Lux Collection is to create products made for real women. From our nude lipsticks to vibrant colors, our vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free products are perfectly pigmented to complement your skin tone. So, whether you’re rocking a fresh, make-up-free face and need a bold lip color, or have a flawless beat face and need a perfect match, we guarantee you’ll find your new go-to or a fun addition to your makeup collection.